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Dragoncraft is the artisan publishing company for my books.  I have finished my first book, The Dragon of Loriella Park, available on Amazon.com.

My name is Kristin Lolmaugh and I have a long standing fascination and relationship with dragons. My first book, The Dragon of Loriella Park, is about a young boy who sets out to rescue a dragon. 

During one of their first conversations, Matt asks Yuzjalf, "“Some dragon books portray dragons as great champions of good and others show them as evil creatures destroying villages and killing everyone in their way.  You don’t seem to be evil, so why are dragons sometimes considered so bad?”

I think his dragon friend's answer helps to explain why I am so fascinated with dragons. He said, “Dragons are like humans in many ways.  We are given a choice in the way we live our lives.  Most dragons have strong morals and are driven by a need to help others, but there are some that seem to have no sense of right or wrong.  Fortunately they are few and far between, but just like there are some really bad people, there are some really bad dragons.”

I will use this website and blog to introduce dragons as I see them.